Visualize your business needs

  • Ensure Agile software delivery aligns to your business needs
  • Use storyboards to quickly validate processes, roles, requirements and business rules
  • Use simulations to verify application usability and functionality before you develop

How can Caliber help?

Caliber Requirement management tool helps you visualize, define and manage requirements to ensure you meet the needs of the business and deliver the right software faster. The comprehensive requirements solution is made up of three components:

Caliber Author - enabling distributed stakeholders to effectively collaborate by providing a single system of record to manage requirements throughout their lifecycle. A rich authoring environment allows teams to share requirements with key stakeholders such as quality teams and developers. Changes are tracked as requirements evolve; with automated notification ensuring affected parties are always kept in the loop.

Caliber Visualize - designed to help your teams bring requirements to life through key visualization techniques including storyboarding and interactive simulations.

Caliber Review – new license-free web based online review facility allows business and casual users to browse and comment on requirements. Reviews for all or subsets of requirements can be facilitated along with baseline electronic signature approval. Stakeholders can see the requirement details, custom attributes, visualizations, ongoing discussions and all related items via traces.

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