Silk Central™

Test management tool - The single point of truth for all testing events

  • Good-to-go, testing-ready, automatic provisioning of the environment
  • Improved design for offline manual testing
  • Easier viewing of completed and ‘in progress’ test executions
  • Improved, simplified for execution results through DataMart

How can Silk Central help?

Open test management
Silk Central provides a unified framework for the integration of requirements, test automation tools (unit, functional and performance), issue tracking and full manual test activities.

Dashboard reporting
Monitor testing activity in teams co-located or distributed across the globe, in real-time. Give transparency across the organization and foster live collaboration for cross project activities.

Requirement visualisation
Visualizations within Silk Central engages business users in a collaborative way, so that they can quickly and easily validate requirements.

Advanced manual execution planning
Define What to test, When to test, Where to test and Who to test in the context of Test Cycles for efficient usage of resource and targeted fulfilment of your quality goals.

Highlight risk mitigation and quality goals
Silk Central helps prioritize, execute and demonstrate how test efforts respond to initiatives such as risk-based testing.




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